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Paleoista - Feeling like you’d love to whip up a batch of homemade chicken soup, but you simply don’t have hours to spend slaving over a hot stove? You so don’t need to. Hand on my heart, you can create an absolutely delish chicken soup with very minimal ingredients and time and other than keeping an eye […]... Read more
Robb Wolf | The Paleo Solution book and podcast | Paleolithic nutrition, intermittent fasting, and fitness
Robb Wolf | The Paleo Solution book and podcast | Paleolithic nutrition, intermittent fasting, and fitness - Every day there’s a new blog post, podcast, book or expert telling you exactly what to eat (and/or not eat), when to eat, how to exercise (or not exercise), which supplements to take, how much you need to sleep… All you have to do is follow the protocol and you’ll Read more...... Read more
Nom Nom Paleo - I turned 40 last month, and to celebrate my membership into the Old Farts Club, I’m offering a gift...... Read more
Paleoista - This may well be one of the most cliche tips we’ve heard in terms of not making impulse purchases at the grocery store. Going food shopping when you’re feeling starving is far more likely to result in bringing home all kinds of food-stuff that, were you in a rational (i.e. satiated from a balanced Paleo meal) […]... Read more
Phoenix Helix
Phoenix Helix - Welcome to this week's Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable! The featured favorites from last week are: Low-FODMAP Sunday Stew ~ Cranberry Relish Meatballs ~ Cucumber and Octopus Salad ~ and Coconut Mango Pudding. Happy cooking, everyone!... Read more
Popular Paleo
Popular Paleo - This is a post no mother-slash-blogger ever wants to sit down to write. My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with a hypothyroid last year and we’ve been watching it closely since. With having managed her diet and lifestyle factors the best we could given that we don’t have 100% oversight of these things, we were […] The post Hashimoto’s & Your Child: How to Respond appeared first on Popular Paleo.Related posts:My 5th Grader’s Gluten-Free Lunch80/20 Has No Place in... Read more - The Medical Industry has NO FREAKING IDEA what 'normal' blood sugar ranges truly are.NORMAL BLOOD SUGAR RANGES should not increase the risk of dementia! It should NOT increase the risk of cell or organ damage. The Medical Industry is clueless.... that should be one take home point.Remember: Truly normal blood sugars... are the key to allowing your body to begin to heal itself. If your body must 'deal with' high blood sugars which ARE toxic to the body... it make it more difficult for it to repair itsel... Read more
Paleo Diet Lifestyle | Paleo diet Tips & Recipes - In the list of “things that might be behind vague and mysterious health problems,” thyroid disorders usually come first – but PCOS probably deserves mention just as much: it’s common, it’s poorly understood, and it can be devastating. The acronym PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a very common form... The post Paleo and PCOS appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips.... Read more
Paleo for Women
Paleo for Women - Hey ladies! I hope all is well. I haven’t posted much in the last couple of weeks because I have been doing a lot of work on the back end of the site… setting up code and designs and photos and the like. I miss you. Yet I want the website to be as smooth-working and pretty as possible before going all gung ho on posts again. It shouldn’t be more than another week or two. Let’s say, 11 days plus or minus four days. More or less. BUT I am curious about something and do need your help... Read more
PaleOMG - Paleo Recipes
PaleOMG - Paleo Recipes - Apples are in season. I would know, I picked them in Pittsburgh. From a tree and everything. Then ate them. And they were delicious. I even posed while... Read More »... Read more
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"Paleo" (short for Paleolithic) is an extremely healthy style of eating based on what we evolved to eat such as various meats (beef, poultry, fish, etc.), vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds while excluding grains and sugar.

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