Nutrition Seminar with Jeremy Mullins from CFHQ Nutritional team

Are you going to be in the Orlando, FL area this weekend? If so you should swing by CrossFit Lake Mary for a nutrition seminar with Jeremy Mullins from the CFHQ Nutritional team! Here are the details:

When: Saturday, June 18th, 2011 | 9am-5pm

Who: Jeremy Mullins | MS-RD from the CrossFit HQ Nutritional Team
and co-owner of CrossFit Firebreathers Fitness and CrossFit Thunder.

What: An 8 hour nutrition seminar. Jeremy will help us understand how to eat better in order to live a healthier life as well as to increase our performance in fitness and sport. You will also have an opportunity to have full bloodwork done prior to the event so that it can be reviewed during the seminar.

*Bloodwork is not required but highly encouraged as the seminar will help you understand what your markers say about your body and its response to a particular diet. The cost to have Bloodwork completed is an additional $99.
**Bloodwork can be performed at any LabCorp facility, and should be completed at least 4 days before the Seminar

The lecture will include, but not be limited to:

1. Discuss important of diet (input) related to results (output) such as blood markers, body-fat, performance.
2. Discuss Paleo Diet and concepts.
3. Discuss Zone Diet and concepts
4. Learn how to manage diet to increase performance, manage disease states such as DM, HTN, hyperlipidemia, decrease bodyfat (weight loss via documentation of input).
5. Discuss Lab work: Insulin, Lipid profile, Vit D, and Hgb A1c
6. Supplements
7. Post WOD and Pre-WOD meals.
8. Q&A session to finish lecture.

Seminar only-$99
Seminar w/ blood work-$199

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