Introducing: The Paleo Review

Have you ever wondered after if that Paleo friendly recipe in a cookbook or on the Internet with a beautiful picture actually tastes good?  If you have, take a look at my new blog
At, I will chronicle my paleo adventures in cooking.  I’ll try recipes I find in paleo cookbooks and on the internet, like those you see on the Paleo Digest, and will review my cooking and eating experiences.  As the blog gets going, I hope to receive recipe requests. Each post will detail:

  • My actual prep time versus the prep time in the recipe;
  • My ease in finding the ingredients and expense;
  • Notes and pictures during the cooking process;
  • My actual cook time;
  • End product pictures with my comments on taste; and,
  • My clean up time.

Who am I and why should you pay an attention to my opinions?  I’m an average girl with a full time job, a house (and two kittens) to manage on her own; I swim with USMS swim team; have a social life; and value my health enough to cook on average 95% of my meals.  As many paleo recipes have expensive cuts of meat involved, I know I’d appreciate not being the Guinea pig sometimes.  Well, I’ll be your Guinea pig!

I’m so excited to be included on the PaleoDigest!  I hope you stop by and take a look.

Thanks and happy cooking!


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