Our Yearning for Better Health

I have been following Paleo / Primal guidelines for nearly two years, and have maintained a 100 pound weight loss as a result. (Nothing extreme such as Crossfit, just moderate exercise and sticking to Paleo about 98% of the time.) After making a huge career change to focus on raising my son, I began working part time at our local health store. It’s a wonderful place to share what I have learned, and has in turn been very helpful as I prepare to become a Certified Nutritional Consultant. My life partner (who has been both tobacco free and committed to Paleo for eight months and counting) and I have recently started a blog site, When Penguin Meets Duckie, and are using part of it to share Paleo: information, recipes, what it is like to raise our son this way, how we incorporate it into our everyday lives, and our continuing journey to better health, in addition to other challenges we face as a modern family. We are also listing many Paleo sites around the web which we frequent, and would be happy to list yours as well! We would love to contribute via Paleo Digest to the Paleo community, and to those who are interested in achieving better health.

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