Chicken and Vegetable Soup

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Paleo Diet Lifestyle | Paleo diet Tips & Recipes – Give your leftover roast chicken a new life with this savory mixture of tender vegetables, fragrant herbs, and rich, homemade stock. It’s also perfect for using up any vegetable odds and ends that are languishing in your refrigerator: you can really go all-out and add a lot of different vegetables according to your taste. Theoretically,… Read more

Philosophy Weekend: News from Philosophy in Action

Modern Paleo – Every Saturday, I post the news of the week from my primary work, Philosophy in Action, where I apply rational principles to the challenges of real life. Here’s this week’s update.Upcoming Radio ShowsPhilosophy in Action Radio broadcasts live over the internet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Below are the episodes upcoming this week. I hope that you join us! More upcoming episodes can be found here: Episodes on Tap.Sunday Morning, 18 August 2013: Q&A on Certainty, Limits of Sympathy, Scolding… Read more

Fish Poached in Olive Oil

Mark's Daily Apple
Mark’s Daily Apple – Just when you think you’ve cooked fish in every possible way, along comes an intriguing recipe like this one. This cooking method for seafood isn’t a new idea; the Italians and French have been doing it forever and many chefs today use it to keep fish moist while it cooks. But have you ever tried […]… Read more

Functional Fitness? Bah!

Modern Paleo
Modern Paleo – Some evangelists for CrossFit like to talk about the benefits of “functional fitness.” Personally, I see some value in training people how to properly lift heavy weights… but other than that, there’s just strength and skill.

I’ve experienced that first-hand: I did CrossFit for a year, and now I’ve been doing SuperSlow for nearly two years. I’ve seen that I can stack bales of hay, haul 50 pound bags of feed, and ride my very strong half-draft horse just as well doing SuperSlow as I did with CrossFit. O… Read more

Don’t Worry, You Can Still Eat Donuts… Huh?

Paleoista – Don’t worry; even if you’ve f0und out you have Celiac Disease, Dunkin Donuts has come to the rescue by offering gluten free donuts.  An article on , a site which is a resource for ‘gluten-free and celiac disease since 1995′ shares the ground-breaking news which, according to their stats, will appeal to the ‘one in […]… Read more