Paleo Peach BBQ Chicken

PaleoMomRx – Steve’s Original has a new line of sauces  and I bought some of their Paleo Peach BBQ sauce to try. I’ve made my own BBQ sauce in the past, and man is it time consuming! I was so stoked that I can now buy it in a jar! This Paleo thing is really becoming more main… Read more

Grilled BBQ Peppers with Egg and Beef

Fast Paleo – 1. Toss the ground beef into a skillet over medium heat. Cook the meat about 2/3 done, then remove from heat and mix in 1/2 C Smokey Apple Paleo BBQ Sauce. 2. While your meat is browning, cut your bell peppers in half and hollow out them out by cutting out all the white parts…. Read more

Baked BBQ Chicken with Vegetables

Fast Paleo – 1. Using the biggest hacksaw (or kitchen knife) you can procure, cut the chicken into about 8 chunks. 2. In a large bowl or pan, rub the pepper and salt around the chicken. 3. Slather 1/2 C of Paleo BBQ sauce over the whole thing. 4. Cover the pan and let it sit overnight. We’re… Read more

Food Porn, 9/9/11

Less of Mimi – Beef Burgundy over Roasted Veg: I spatchcocked a Pastured Chicken, marinated it in grainy-mustard mixed with raw, local honey for like 24 hours, roasted til done: Spatchcocked another chicken, dry-rubbed it & let it hang in the fridge for a few hours, added homemade BBQ sauce, roasted until done: I mixed a tbsp or so… Read more

Recipes: A Duo of Grilling Glazes

The Paleo Periodical – After making the Blackberry BBQ Sauce recipe, I thought, “Hmm…what other sorts of flavors would work?” I humbly submit Mustard-Apricot-Rosemary Glaze and Spiced Cherry Glaze for your approval. They couldn’t be simpler. Mix an unsweetened fruit preserve with some herbs or spices, baste, and grill. You can whip these up while the grill’s preheating. I’ve… Read more

Recipe: Blackberry BBQ Sauce

The Paleo Periodical – What are you up to this fine weekend? I’m heading for the hills for my first backpacking trip in 3 years with a lovely group of ladies. And yes, we’re lugging in beer and inflatables for floating in the lake. We’re fancy that way. If your plans include grilling, I’ve got something for you to… Read more

Best Paleo Ribs Ever

Cosmopolitan Primal Girl – One thing I sometimes miss is a sweet BBQ sauce….especially when it comes to ribs.  I’ve made ribs before using spice rubs and/or other Paleo/Primal BBQ sauces, but I haven’t found the perfect recipe that gives me that sweetness without using sugar.  UNTIL NOW!!!  This is by far the BEST Rib sauce EVER….And there is… Read more

Beasty Country Style Pork Ribs

Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations – I wanted some pork but I didn’t want to do a typical rack of ribs, instead I picked up some country style pork ribs.  No problem if you don’t have a smoker or grill, you can do these in the oven and get a delicious result.  If you don’t like my Beasty BBQ Sauce you can substitute your favorite or make your own up for this recipe.  I hope you Enjoy :)




Servings: 2
Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 3 Hours

Tools you may Need:

Roasting Pan
Cutco Kitchen… Read more

Primal BBQ Sauce

Mark’s Daily Apple – The summer grilling season is upon us, which means we have a full-on craving for meat slathered in BBQ sauce and grilled to crispy, caramelized perfection. In anticipation of firing up the grill, we’ve been searching for the perfect BBQ sauce and a quick scan of the grocery store aisle confirmed exactly what we expected:… Read more