Paleo Banana Bread Recipe

Paleo Bread Recipes: Free Gluten Free Bread Recipe
Paleo Bread Recipes: Free Gluten Free Bread Recipe – Paleo Banana Bread RecipeEasy Paleo Bread RecipeDelicious wholesome Paleo banana bread made from ripe bananas. Bread made with almond flour. Almond flour made from almond nuts. Plant based unsaturated fats flour. Almond contains calcium, selenium, magnesium, vitamins A and E. Baking oil used is olive oil (unsaturated fats) no dairy or animal fats.  Paleo Banana Bread Recipe Ingredients: 3 eggs, separated5 tbsp honey4 tbsp olive oil2 mashed bananas1 tsp vanilla1 tsp baking&… Read more

Pumpkin Banana Bread

Paleo Diet Lifestyle | Paleo diet Tips & Recipes
Paleo Diet Lifestyle | Paleo diet Tips & Recipes – For those times when you want to come to the party with a traditional basket of baked goods, try your hand at this seasonal and delicious pumpkin banana bread! It’s not the kind of food you’d eat every day for lunch, but it’s a reasonable option for the times when you want something warm and […]The post Pumpkin Banana Bread appeared first on Paleo Diet Lifestyle | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips…. Read more

Arugula, Peach & Goat Cheese Salad with Cherry Dressing

meatified – Clearly I’m a little obsessed with peaches lately. Good job, too, since they’re in season and delicious. I’ve had Stuffed Peaches, Banana Bread Pudding with Peaches and now this salad: Arugula, Peach & Goat Cheese with Cherry Dressing. And those…The post Arugula, Peach & Goat Cheese Salad with Cherry Dressing appeared first on meatified…. Read more

Banana Bread Pudding with Peaches

meatified – Banana Bread Pudding? If you love banana bread and you love bread pudding, then I guarantee you will love their love child: Banana bread pudding! Leftover banana bread combined with a coconut milk and egg filling makes a delicious dessert….The post Banana Bread Pudding with Peaches appeared first on meatified…. Read more

Happy Mother’s Day Banana Bread

Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations
Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations – It never hurts to be creative, especially when it comes to gift giving.  This of course it not my original idea but it is an amazing way to package up my banana bread in a new flavor and give some delicious gifts.  The awesome thing is these seal themselves with the heat from the bread… [… Read more

Apple Cinnamon Scones

Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations – I have been getting a ton of questions lately about what I eat for breakfast, or what people can prepare in advance to grab for breakfast.  I already have a few awesome recipes that can be used.  Make my Paleo Banana Bread in muffin form and grab them and go.  Make my Paleo Pancakes and… [… Read more

Kid Tested, Mother Approved-Banana Bread from the Civilized Caveman

Paleo pancakes and more...
Paleo pancakes and more… – Banana bread…. This seems to be one paleo baked good all grain free converts find their way to. There are numerous recipes out there and I’ve tried a… Read More »… Read more

Protein pumpkin bread French toast

Stuff I Cook for my Husband
Stuff I Cook for my Husband – Topped with cinnamon and a blob of coconut butter — reminiscent of frosting!This was inspired by a recipe for banana bread French toast. If it can be done with banana bread, why not pumpkin? It’s a perfect breakfast for an autumn morning. I wanted to make a dish that was not only tasty, but is also nutritious and high in protein to start out the day right. So, I opted to use protein powder as my primary flour substitute. It worked great, although the texture of protein powder based baked goods tends to be … Read more

Banana Scramble

My Pure Pantry
My Pure Pantry – I know that the words “banana” and “scramble” don’t go well together, but this recipe will definitely surprise you. It tastes like banana bread pudding more than a scramble, so it can be eaten as breakfast or dessert. Ingredients: 1 tbsp of coconut oil 1 medium very ripe banana, mashed 1 egg 2 tbsp of almond meal or… Read more

Grain Free Sunny Banana Bread

Fast Paleo – Preheat oven to 175 C (350 F) . Grease loaf pan with coconut oil or line with parchment paper. Use a coffee grinder, small food processor, Magic Bullet, or a blender to grind sunflower seeds into a fine sunflower meal/flour. Do not blend so long that it becomes Sunbutter! Place ground sunflower seeds and the… Read more