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Paleo Diet Lifestyle | Paleo diet Tips & Recipes - “I’d love to go Paleo, but I could never give up _______________!” Does this sound familiar? Or what about its close cousin, “I’m almost 100% Paleo, but I just can’t give up ___________”? Or its occasional sequel, “I finally went all-out Paleo, but I constantly miss ____________”? Almost everyone has... The post Why Some Foods are so Hard to Give up (and What to do About It) appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips.... Read more
Feel Good Eating
Feel Good Eating - I used to eat more “elaborate” breakfasts, especially when “breakfast” was eaten around noon or so. But I’ve discovered that my body really likes waking up with some easy to digest high octane fuel within the first 2 hours  . So… I really love this type of smoothie to start the day. And make no mistake about it, even though we got lucky and got a Vitamix for our wedding, you really don’t need one to make a solid smoothie. Your old blender that comes out for the mar... Read more
Mark's Daily Apple
Mark's Daily Apple - How did you feel after your last workout? (Apply as many adjectives as fit the occasion.) Now think about how others perceive exercise. Let’s say you stop a random hundred people on the street and ask them how exercise makes/would make them feel. I’m going to guess you’d get an interesting cross-section of answers, likely […]... Read more
Authority Nutrition - Most people have never heard of Vitamin K2. This vitamin is rare in the Western diet and hasn’t received much mainstream attention. However… this powerful nutrient plays an essential role in many aspects of health. In fact, vitamin K2 may just be the “missing link” between diet and several killer diseases. What is Vitamin K? […]The post Vitamin K2: The Missing Link Between Diet, Disease and Death appeared first on[ This is only a summary. Clic... Read more
Diane Sanfilippo: Paleo Nutritionist | Food Allergies | Gluten Free | Crossfit Nutrition - Remember – If you’re enjoying these podcasts, please leave us a review in iTunes. Thanks! Topics: 1. What’s new for you. [3:01] 2. Shout out: Nom Nom Paleo – Annual kids lunch guide [11:59] 3. In the news: Everything pumpkin spice [15:02]; Paleo cookies in the mainstream media [19:29] 4. Listener Questions: New baby, fibromyalgia, […]The post Podcast Episode #156: Pumpkin everything, starting on Paleo, and self sabotage appeared first on Diane Sanfilippo | New York Times bestsellin... Read more
Whole9 | Paleo Nutrition, Paleo Diet Education, Paleo Nutrition Workshops, Nutrition for Health and Fitness Facilities, and the Original Whole30 Program
Whole9 | Paleo Nutrition, Paleo Diet Education, Paleo Nutrition Workshops, Nutrition for Health and Fitness Facilities, and the Original Whole30 Program - A Whole9 guest post from a mother-daughter duo who are passionate about prenatal nutrition. Emily Rydbom CN, LE and Dr. Leslie Stone are founders of  GrowBaby® and this discussion of Preconception Nutrition is the second article in a series for Whole9. Part 1 discusses the foods and substances that both men and women should avoid before pregnancy.  Part […]... Read more
Delightful Taste Buds - Last Saturday, the BriDay (Bridal Shower/Birthday) party for my bride-to-be friend, J (let’s call her Bride J) was a success! Since she asked me to be her maid-of-honor (fun fact: Bride J was my maid of honor for my wedding), I thought it was sort of my duty to throw her a Bridal Shower. And since her birthday was so... Read more →... Read more
Phoenix Helix
Phoenix Helix - Welcome to this week's Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable! The featured favorites from last week are: Red Palm Oil Roast Chicken ~ Colorful Kale Salad ~ Pumpkin Spice "Na"tte ~ and Ginger Spice Cookies. Happy cooking, everyone!... Read more
Feel Good Eating
Feel Good Eating - Pretty cute ones I must admit.     BE HAPPY.…even if you’re stuck in a car for 9 hours.  These two sure were.  ... Read more
Animal Pharm - Seriously.Many still hold beliefs against geoheliocentrism (kinda like the potential for vaccine injury and one among many reasons for possible subsequent gluten/dairy/food/peanut sensitizations and allergies... and epic gut disruptions, dysbiosis, metabolic problems, obesity...)"Although virtually all scientists and most laymen now take Heliocentrism for granted, the human mind still has a tendency to accept and maintain any sense of closure it has already obtained based on seemingly obvious observations, ... Read more
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"Paleo" (short for Paleolithic) is an extremely healthy style of eating based on what we evolved to eat such as various meats (beef, poultry, fish, etc.), vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds while excluding grains and sugar.

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