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Paleo for Women
Paleo for Women -   As a woman who has never made more than $12,000 / year, it’s not very easy for me to get my hands on grass fed beef. In recent months that limitation has been further complicated by the fact that I’ve been living in Detroit, Michigan, and just about no one here eats grass fed […]... Read more
Everyday Paleo
Everyday Paleo - Sarah and I are back with Episode 85 of the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast!  Click here to listen or find us on iTunes. Please submit your questions to [email protected] and if you have a spare minute, please be sure to leave us a review on iTunes!!  Thank you very much and enjoy! Here’s what we discuss in this episode: […] Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast, Episode 85 is a post from Everyday Paleo - licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unporte... Read more
Mark's Daily Apple
Mark's Daily Apple - It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep […]... Read more
Weight Maven - Thanks to wendyrg for this week’s FCB … or should I say Vendredi chat blogs ;).... Read more
Phoenix Helix
Phoenix Helix - The sweet flavors of coconut and shallot are the perfect complement to this mildly bitter green. Along with the delicious flavor, collards provide a healthy doseof phytonutrients that are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, detoxifying and support our bodies digestively. This is why Terry Wahls and Sarah Ballantyne both say, "Eat your veggies!"... Read more
Paleo Diet Lifestyle | Paleo diet Tips & Recipes - Here’s a fresh new twist on the “deviled egg” theme: keep the irresistibly creamy center, but go easy on the mayo and add an avocado instead. The bright, spring-green color is perfect for the early days of warmer weather, and the taste is lighter without being bland. If you always found traditional deviled eggs to be a little heavy, this is definitely a recipe to try. Sprinkle them with paprika to add a dash of... The post Guacamole Stuffed Eggs appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & ... Read more
- Cinnamon Eats   I received ‘The Gelatin Secret: The surprising superfood that transforms your health and beauty’ from my buddy Sylvie over at Hollywood Homestead recently and wanted to share my review here with you. If you’re part of the paleo/primal/real food community you will have noticed that the word ‘gelatin’ or ‘gelatine’ depending on where you’re […] The post The Gelatin Secret Review appeared first on Cinnamon Eats.... Read more
Food Renegade
Food Renegade - Welcome to another Fight Back Friday! Today we are bringing together another collection of recipes, tips, anecdotes, and testimonies from members of the Real Food Revolution.Who are they? Why, they're the Food Renegades. You know who you are -- lovers of SOLE (Sustainable, Organic, Local, and Ethical) food, traditional food, primal food, REAL food, the list goes on. I believe that by joining together, our influence can grow, and we can change the way America (and the industrialized world) eats!So, let's... Read more
Paleo Diet Lifestyle | Paleo diet Tips & Recipes - Want something cute and colorful to go with your Easter grass, but not so thrilled with cheapo drugstore candy? Try these easy frozen treats instead: they’re creamy, fruity, and delicious, perfect for celebrating the season without a pile of sugar. And with just two ingredients, they might take even less time to make than a candy run. You can make these eggs all in one color, or get really fancy and separate out the batches... The post Frozen Easter Eggs appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes &... Read more
The Clothes Make The Girl - I can hold two conflicting thoughts with equal conviction, and I have no problem with that whatsoever. For example: I generally like people who are educated and well-groomed, but I have a soft spot for Kid Rock (Sorry!). I like to dress in black, but can’t resist the colors pink and orange together. (like this) […]... Read more


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"Paleo" (short for Paleolithic) is an extremely healthy style of eating based on what we evolved to eat such as various meats (beef, poultry, fish, etc.), vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds while excluding grains and sugar.

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