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Paleo Diet Lifestyle | Paleo diet Tips & Recipes - What’s faster and tastier than ordering Pad Thai on a busy evening? Making it yourself! This recipe is so quick that it’s ready well before your restaurant food would have arrived, and turning the classic Pad Thai flavors into a salad makes it a much healthier option. With a creamy, gingery dressing over crisp chopped vegetables and crunchy nuts, it’s the perfect solution to those days when you’re trying to eat healthy but the takeout... The post Pad Thai Salad appeared first on Paleo Leap | Pal... Read more
The Paleo Network
The Paleo Network - As you may already know, I’m a MASSIVE fan of cooking with Bison. I find it has a richer taste than beef, and for that reason it pairs exceptionally well with smoky flavours like bacon and paprika. You’ll find them all, and more, in these delicious burgers; and best of all, you’ll have them on […]... Read more
Fast Paleo
Fast Paleo - Healthier Hot Cross Buns are a bit like the Easter Bunny himself; elusive and potentially fictional. They’re usually better suited to breaking windows. These Hot Cross Buns are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Processed Sugar Free and Paleo… aka Awesome. They are not hard to make but are time consuming due to the rising times required. […]... Read more
Paleoista - PaleoFX is happening live today!   Not in Austin? Not an issue! Don’t miss out on your chance to partake of the wealth of knowledge offered by experts on the Paleo diet, the Primal approach, exercise modalities and some new and exciting food options and cooking demos. A little background:  Paleo f(x)™ is an organization […]... Read more
Strictly Paleo...ish! - Using a slow-cooker, pulled pork is probably one of the most rewarding dishes to make in terms of work:result ratio…it practically makes itself, and taste so delicious! So far I have never met anyone who does not like pulled pork (actually, everyone who has had it seems to get a …... Read more
Strictly Paleo...ish! - The last time I made Pannacotta it was to try out the grass fed gelatin (Great Lakes brand grass fed beef gelatin from iHerb) I had finally been able to purchase. This time it was to try out another product I just bought: raw licorice powder! I have previously written …... Read more
Strictly Paleo...ish! - Hi! Just a quick FYI post… You might have seen me giving praise to iHerb before…truth is, I like them so much I decided to put up all about it on a dedicated page. Read about why I think they’re awesome, what is in it for you, and see what …... Read more
Strictly Paleo...ish! - Today’s recipe is what happened when I was cleaning out the fridge and cabinets the other day. The result was a delicious and hearty Italian inspired pork stew with lots of flavor, and the best part: it’s super simple to make! We’ve been renovating parts of the house lately, which …... Read more
Strictly Paleo...ish!
Strictly Paleo...ish! - Some kind of meat, bacon, root vegetables, herbs, red wine, Dijon mustard, bay leaves....these are all ingredients that often goes into my stews. There is something about that combination of flavors that is very comforting to me, and with not much effort you can have a delicious dish ready that you can serve pretty much any day!... Read more
Food Renegade
Food Renegade - Welcome to another Fight Back Friday! Today we are bringing together another collection of recipes, tips, anecdotes, and testimonies from members of the Real Food Revolution.Who are they? Why, they're the Food Renegades. You know who you are -- lovers of SOLE (Sustainable, Organic, Local, and Ethical) food, traditional food, primal food, REAL food, the list goes on. I believe that by joining together, our influence can grow, and we can change the way America (and the industrialized world) eats!So, let's... Read more


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"Paleo" (short for Paleolithic) is an extremely healthy style of eating based on what we evolved to eat such as various meats (beef, poultry, fish, etc.), vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds while excluding grains and sugar.

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