Dog Shit: Enzymatic Pancreatic Deficiency (EPI) and “Old Dog Vestibular Syndrome”

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Free The Animal – It was roughly three ears ago that the not-Paleo, star of all Paleos, Petro “Peter…Hyperlipid” Dobromylskyj saved Rotor by talking sense to me. He both encouraged my own thinking on the condition in question, while gently expressing skepticism regarding the veterinary advice we were being given at the time, such as to feed Rotor lots of rice. I… Read more

Photographic Evidence: Bird-Brained Birds Are Smarter Than Vegans

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Free The Animal – A few weeks back there was a sprinkler problem. It was all about vegan vegetation, in jeopardy of browning. The low-IQ, dumb, browned-skinned Mexican gardeners come every Thursday to tend to my vegan bounty. But they aren’t vegans. And while they may certainly be undocumented—PC speak for illegal—I’m at a loss to understand why me or my… Read more

Judgy Bitch on the US Military, and Female Incompetence in a Navy Ship Captain (Holly Graf). I Comment

Free The Animal – Introduction I’m a fan of Those Bitches. The reason is totally simple. You don’t get the same can of Alpo you get almost everywhere else—just like I endeavor to do here. The more people who hate ’em, the more I like ’em. Very nearly everyone is an idiot (me too, now & then). Very nearly everyone… Read more

Free The Animal
Free The Animal – There’s your image, next time you hear from the Moron Stream Media (MSM) that Edward Snowden is a “high school dropout.” Who knows? Maybe he’d had enough of the cog-nition.
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News Flash: Above 40% Dietary Calories From Fat Virtually Eliminates Heart Disease

News Flash: Vegan Soy Consumption Gives You a Limp Dick

HS Sophomore Jeff Bliss Gives His High School “Teacher” a Lesson in Teaching

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Vitamin D and Dark Skin: Are You a Fish Out of Water?

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Free The Animal – Back when I included the “Are You a Fish Out of Water” section in my book, it was based on the idea that because darker skin is an evolutionary adaptation to protect from overexposure (and an attractive one at that that the logical corollary would be that darker skinned folk living at latitudes far from… Read more

A Bunch of Random Stuff (Food, Diet, Veganism, Vacations, and LED Light Bulbs)

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Free The Animal – …Just a silly post about what’s on my mind and a recounting of a random last few days. ~ A spontaneous meal on Friday evening with friends from our former downtown lofts residence (“what’s in your fridge?…here’s what’s in mine”). We worked it out like we always did. Not shown is the homemade pineapple ice cream… Read more

The Myth of Male Power

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Free The Animal – This is going to be looooong. But every now and then, I owe my readers who like that sort of in-depth thing. Feminazis: take cover. The topic has only been on my radar from time to time…over a long time. As I’ve posted before, I grew up with naturally strong women around me at all… Read more

Tuna Fish Salad Tacos

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Free The Animal – The small, quality, simple ingredient corn tortillas for some lunches (typically breakfast/lunch) work well for me. While a simple English Muffin can send me into heartburn and discomfort for hours, a couple of corn tortillas: nothing. Sorry, that self-observation is simply more important, relevant and applicable to me than any paleoish catechism of: Don’t Do It! I don’t… Read more

Restaurant Review: Café Claude, San Francisco

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Free The Animal – Following up in a general way to my comments about not just the pluses, but the minuses of Teh Intertubes, yesterday, Yelp strikes me as a service that has a whole lot of both. Pluses: Excellent way to find services—particularly restaurants—surrounding any particular well travelled area. It generally has quite a good number of reviews… Read more

Unplugging the Internets

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Free The Animal – Once you get past the inherent irony of me writing a blog post and distributing it largely via social media…for people to read on the Internet and click to from social media…about unplugging from the Internet and social media, there are a few things to consider. More, I’ve been increasingly where a couple others have… Read more