The Lost Art of A Balanced Diet

Less of Mimi
Less of Mimi – Everywhere you look there is a new diet, a new detox, a new program, pill, fad that is supposed to make it all better and ‘fix’ you and your intake and your body. What gets me is that in our frenetic search for something, we have lost sight of the fact that our body is […]… Read more

F*ck Your Labels!!

Less of Mimi
Less of Mimi – Junk food Fat ass People of Walmart Fair Trade Toxic chemical additive Ugly Woman Eating “Clean” Food Rules Should Shouldn’t F*ck ALL the labels!! No, seriously – what have labels ever gotten us besides divisiveness, angst, and guilt. Saint/sinner, white/black, gay/straight, fat/hottie, slut/prude, junk food/healthy food, nerd/jock, .. need I go on? We label ourselves […]… Read more

Life Has a Funny Way…

Less of Mimi
Less of Mimi – I never thought I would come back here. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been tempted to nuke LessofMimi from orbit because I’m not even the same person, on the same journey, but, that would be disingenuous to the person that I have become on this journey. What I’ve gone through. How I’ve […]… Read more

Catching Up After Months Away & Goodbye

Less of Mimi – I left this blog laying fallow somewhere around the end of May. I was trying to bring blood sugar spiking under control, address adrenal fatigue, and other health issues. I could have posted during that time, but there are days I feel I would have had to post several times to deal with how many […]… Read more

Mind is Blown. Insanely Awesome Results! #Paleo

Less of Mimi – Wow. What can I say – I was worried that hitting all the different aspect of my current health issues all at one time would be troublesome for addressing the adrenal fatigue. In addition, I was having food baby and GI distress every evening (figured it was GAPS die-off). Mentioned the issues to my Mom, […]… Read more

Grab a Seat & a Coffee, This is Gonna be a Long One

Less of Mimi – My last post left us all in a world where I was going to have back surgery to repair a herniated disc. Well… that got rescheduled with a new surgeon for various reasons, which necessitated a new consult.. and the new guy and I decided it was no longer in my best interests to go […]… Read more

Ketogenic Paleo Diet To Prep for Surgery; #Paleo #Keto

Less of Mimi – One has only to google Keto diet (or ketosis, ketogenic diet, etc) with or without the Paleo addition to learn more than enough of the purported benefits of the diets/lifestyles. Please, don’t make be drop a LMGTFY. I have exactly four weeks until I have back surgery to repair a herniated disc in my low… Read more

Surgery Date Set. Let’s Get This Party Started.

Less of Mimi – I guess, considering my state of ill-health and morbid obesity for nearly half my life, it could be considered no small miracle that I’ve only ever had surgery once (I am not counting when I had my wisdom teeth out, K). The kind where you get the warnings about anesthesia and you get to breathe… Read more

Still No Surgery Date; Progress Report. #Paleo

Less of Mimi – Day by day, as I sit waiting for a call to schedule my back surgery, I get better, stronger, in less pain, etc. The other day I felt stable enough to attempt some ‘moves’ and I was successful in a full squat – plus standing up unassisted, w/ both legs powering, and no scaling. Huge…. Read more

Playing the Waiting Game.. #surgery #paleo

Less of Mimi – So, I had my surgery consult Tuesday. Spent the rest of that day sort of processing the emotions and thoughts it all stirred up. Wednesday, we’ll call “Fun with Migraines”. I’m not an organized thinker, so bear w/ me. 1. My surgeon knows his shit. I learned so much – about my own situation as… Read more