“Simple Shifts that Last a Lifetime”

Me. Myself. and Food. – It’s hard to believe that autumn is already here. We had an incredible summer on the West Coast and with that, all of the delicious overindulgences that social gatherings bring….
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Hello Gentlemen – Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer – is there cause for concern?

Me. Myself. and Food. – I recently had a patient with severe heart disease refuse to supplement with an omega-3 fish oil because of media hype surrounding a research paper. This study showed an association…
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Me. Myself. and Food. – Ladies pay attention.  Fellas – if you have a woman in your life, (mother, sister, girlfriend, spouse, daughter, etc.) you need to perk up too. Where do we even start….
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Fascia … Fact or Fad?

Me. Myself. and Food. – You may have never have heard of this anatomic term before. Until recent years very little was know about this intricate system. In the past, doctors studying the body’s anatomy…
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My go-to spots for healthy food “to go”

Me. Myself. and Food. – I can’t believe I’m 11 weeks into motherhood.  In some ways if feels as though the weeks have flown by…they have also been the longest weeks of my life.  Each day I seem to…
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Are YOU taking the “Right” Risks in Life?

Me. Myself. and Food. – Seems like this last year for me has been all about taking calculated risks. From becoming a yoga teacher, to signing up for a permaculture program in the middle of…
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My Pregnancy Journal: Week 35

Me. Myself. and Food. – Someone pinch me.  Am I really only 5 weeks away from having Baby Binns in these arms of mine? This post was originally titled “My Pregnancy Journal: Week 31” as it…
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So what the heck is PCOS anyway?

Me. Myself. and Food. – P.C.O.S.   It’s a simple acronym for complicated medical condition.  If you’re a regular here at me. myself. and food. this is likely not the first time you’ve encountered these four letters.   PCOS is a health condition…
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Belize Bound … and returned.

Me. Myself. and Food. –   Our bags are packed and were ready to go! Another vacation is on our doorstep but this one has some education rolled in it. In a few hours Dayton…
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Live Green Toronto! Save the planet & some money while you’re at it!

Me. Myself. and Food. – I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Yet, being “green” can put quite a dent in the ol’ wallet.   I’m OK with forking out a few extra dollars to buy organic, support…
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