Roasted Carrots with Green Olive Dressing

meatified – So I have this silly thing about the recipes I share here being “blog worthy”. Whatever the hell that means. In some ways it makes its own odd kind of sense: I don’t want to be yet another blogger in a sea of bloggers telling you all about how my roast broccoli is somehow life changing…. Read more

Pumpkin Spice Granola

meatified – I have, no joke, made this pumpkin spice granola at least ten times to get it right.   As a food blogger, I follow way too many food blogs. Not just their blogs, but their social media accounts, too. And so often it seems like I’ll see someone say something along the lines of: “hey,… Read more

Instant Pot Beef Stew

meatified – Beef stew is actually one of the earliest food memories that I have. And truth be told, I didn’t exactly love the stuff, since it was on regular rotation on our school’s lunch menu and was simultaneously goopy, yet gristly. I just wrinkled my nose typing that. The fact that it was served with faux,… Read more

Chive & Tarragon Breakfast Sausage

meatified – Growing up in England, any kind of cooked breakfast was actually a rarity. It usually involved either a) the goodwill of a grandma who would get up at 6am or earlier, regardless what day of the week it was or b) later in life stumbling to a pub that did a full fry up, because hangover…. Read more

50+ Portable & Easy AIP Emergency Food Recipes

meatified – Emergency Food. It’s a thing. And, no, I’m not talking about stuffing a closet or basement full of premade powdered meals for the zombie apocalypse. I’m talking about the kind of emergency food items that will prevent a different kind of meltdown. The kind of meltdown that you have when, despite all your planning and… Read more

BBQ Pulled Chicken

meatified – BBQ pulled chicken. I bet you probably didn’t think you’d see those words next to AIP any time soon, right? So if I told you that, yes, you can make a delicious elimination phase friendly BBQ pulled chicken recipe and that — even better! — you can do so in your timesaving Instant Pot, wouldn’t… Read more

Sweet & Salted Energy Balls

meatified – Well, hello there! I know you came here for the energy balls (TWW), so I’ll make this quick… It’s been a quiet time here lately, but don’t worry: I didn’t run off to another continent or get kidnapped by unfriendly extraterrestrials. I just realized some time around the end of July that I really, really… Read more

No one cares; and that’s actually pretty awesome

meatified – So here’s the thing with the internet. Half the time I feel like it’s yelling at me. Do more. Write more. Blog more. Photograph more. Hustle more. Create more. Post more. Be ALL THE THINGS more. And so, without realizing quite how much I’m internalizing all those “more” messages, I pop myself right back onto… Read more

Watermelon Popsicles with Mint, Ginger & Lime

meatified – We’ve been enjoying lots of my Watermelon Agua Fresca lately. It’s the perfect porchside sipper and tastes just as good on its own as it does topped off with a little sparkling water. Or wine, if that’s your thing. I won’t judge you if you decide it could do with a little adulty beverage addition,… Read more

Green Onion Pesto

meatified – I’m just going to be straight up here: I have the blackest thumb in the history of thumbdom. You name a houseplant, I’ve killed it. I mean, not through lack of trying. It’s not like I ignore the things for three weeks and then wonder why they’re dead. It’s just… I’m totally lacking whatever part… Read more