Summer Herbal Makings

Natural Paleo Mama
Natural Paleo Mama – St John’s WortMaking homemade remedies is one of my favorite things to do. Today, I strained my infused St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) oil. I typically harvest St John’s Wort around Summer Solstice. Then I put the dried chopped steams leaves and flowers in oil. This year I used olive oil. I let it sit for a few weeks then strain it.The St John’s Wort oil is a beautiful vibrant red. I love the color because it’s such a surprise. The flowers are yellow! Be sure you find the medicinal plant and not the … Read more

Getting back on Paleo track!

Natural Paleo Mama – OK. So It’s been almost a year since I was completely Paleo. I found it hard for me to maintain. So I fell off the wagon……hard. I have gained most of the weight I lost, back again. I am ready to recommit. I feel so much better when I am maintaining a more than not Paleo lifestyle. I think I may be a rice and quinoa Paleo eater. I am going to try that and see how it goes. Right now we have family visiting from out of town so I am not prepared to feed an extra four people a Paleo diet. So I am preparing t… Read more

Homemade Sage Smudge Sticks

Natural Paleo Mama
Natural Paleo Mama – I gathered some sage from the garden today and made a few smudge sticks. Some dear friends were getting married this weekend so I decided to make them some homemade smudge sticks. I included lavender, sage (of course!) and rosemary…. Read more

Harvesting Lemon Balm

Natural Paleo Mama
Natural Paleo Mama – We will make a lemon balm and chamomile glycerin tincture. It’s sweet calming affect Jack has been enjoying since he was very little. This year he will help harvest one of the plants that will go into his night time herbal support. Did I mention Lemon balm is also a natural anti-viral? Great for cold season in the fall…. Read more

Spring Equinox

Natural Paleo Mama
Natural Paleo Mama –  I love Equinox. Or as other call it  Ostara. We had a great time celebrating this turn of the wheel of the year. I used my green table cloth, wine glasses with green juice in them, tulips in a vase and Easter eggs with a treat inside.A friends came over with her children so we had a five year old, seven year old and a ten year old. She also brought her CSA pork roast. Oh my that was a wonderful piece of pig. So tender and delicious! I roasted beets, sweet potatoes, and blue new potatoes. A big gr… Read more

Finally back on track!

Natural Paleo Mama – Well it has taken a month of trying to be totally paleo… again. But  I am finally on board, again. I feel so much better! And I am off sugar as well which I think is the hardest thing to do.  Grains- I love rice but I can live without it. Bread and things with wheat, well it took me about three years to kick that bad habit. And it such like a drug for me. I would be clear of wheat for weeks or months and then I would have a little and it was like an avalanche of cravings would hit me. I would th… Read more

Welcome Home Chicks!

Natural Paleo Mama
Natural Paleo Mama – Well after a year and a half of healing from our chicken tragedy, we are ready to have chicks again. Unfortunately some neighbor dogs got into our chicken fence and massacred 18 chickens. To add insult to injury it was my partner’s birthday. Not a nice thing to wake up to. So getting back to a place where we can have chickens again has taken a lot of me convincing my partner and an electric fence. So we got electricity down to the chicken house and so we have gotten chicks! We keep them in the ga… Read more

Elderberry Syrup for Pancakes

Natural Paleo Mama
Natural Paleo Mama – I made this elderberry syrup for my friends and family that eat pancakes. Since I am not eating grains these days I didn’t get to try it on pancakes. But it got great reviews from my family and friends. Elderberry is known to have anti-viral qualities so it’s great to use in the winter when we are all protecting ourselves from the colds and flu flying around. We have been lucky enough to not get ill this season. I used dried Elderberry, local honey and organic maple syrup. Here is the recipe:Elderberry Syru… Read more

Bone Broth

Natural Paleo Mama
Natural Paleo Mama –  Making more bone broth today. It seems to be the best soup ever. I can’t seem to stop raving about it. I do have to say through this cold and flu season, no one in my family has been sick(knock on wood.) I owe some of that to the bone broth I am sure!See this previous post for more info: some previously posted pictures below….. Read more

Seriously 12 weeks?

Natural Paleo Mama – Seriously It’s been 12 weeks since I posted last. And guess what? I have not been on plan either. Surprise!?! Well I have been totally gluten free but not grain free. I can;t seem to get corn and rice outta my diet right now. But today is a new day. Or maybe better said tomorrow is a new day. I already screwed up today.  Well I will keep you posted as I reinvest in grain free living…. Read more