How to make a healthy snow cone?

Nourished Meadow
Nourished Meadow – We all love eating a snow cone, but we also know that these snow cones are really unhealthy and full of sugar. And, that those people that are on a diet, or that has diabetics can’t really eat and enjoy a snow cone. However, luckily there are some great ways that you can make a …… Read more


Nourished Meadow
Nourished Meadow – In case you were ever curious, this is what a freezer looks like after a successful hunting season. Before & After: In the before shot the upper shelf contains the last of FIVE deer we processed last year, I will have that used up in the next month or so. The drawer contains some spring… Read more

Summer Zucchinis!

Nourished Meadow
Nourished Meadow – I have been getting A LOT of zucchini’s lately from a friends garden, so thought I would link up a few recipes I have been using to wade through these monsters. ______ Lasagna Zucchini Lasagna is a huge favorite of ours. It is more of a weekend or company dish due to the prep time,… Read more

Surviving Miami Beach

Nourished Meadow
Nourished Meadow – With some frequent flyer miles saved up I decided to get my mom out of town for Mothers Day. I asked her where she wanted to go. She said warm, beach but where she could shop and be in the middle of it all. SO….we headed to Miami beach. Oh what an adventure. Sort of… Read more

Still Here!!

Nourished Meadow – Hey folks, just wanted to toss up a quick post to say I am still around!! I have been doing daily videos instead of writing (vlogs), but I have not been keeping them up to date on the website. I am working behind the scenes on redesigning the site, so in the meantime, look at… Read more

Vlogging Updates

Nourished Meadow – So I have been posting daily vlogs fairly consistently, but I have not always been keeping them up to date here at So below are links to the vlogs since my last posting here. I will start getting them uploaded at the site on a daily basis, or you can subscribe directly to my… Read more

It’s Time!!

Nourished Meadow – Okay, its official, vlogs will start back up again tomorrow!!! (well, officially filming has already began, but first upload will be up tomorrow morning). I MISS vlogging!! I honestly never thought I would be saying that. I started filming four or five times these last few months, but then for some reason never edited or… Read more

Official CrossFit Return – Daily Vlog

Nourished Meadow – I got my first full CrossFit workout in today and was quickly reminded how much fun, and how tiring they can be. I actually found it hard to hold up the camera for the first hour or two post workout, but I do love CrossFit. It will take some time to adjust to the workouts,… Read more

Bulk Shopping & Trail Runs – Daily Vlogs

Nourished Meadow – Started with a quick bulk shopping trip to Costco in the first video. Even though I do not buy much in the way of boxed foods, grains or meats at Costco, there are quite a few staples I can find that justify the membership costs. They have decently priced nuts, canned wild salmon, Kerry Gold… Read more