Crossfit & Ribeyes – Daily Vlog

Nourished Meadow – Enjoying my first days back to Crossfit, even if I have trouble walking for a day or two afterwards. Finished off the day with some grassfed ribeyes in a cast iron skillet. (direct link to video) Meals from the day: B – 2 fried eggs L – Leftover spaghetti squash and meatballs D – Ribeye,… Read more

Daily Vlog – Devils Head Lookout

Nourished Meadow – (I took a couple weeks off from posting, time to catch up with a few of the better vlogs before getting back on the daily vlog horse) We headed up to a nearby hike to get some fresh air. Its a nice hike, but the trail can be very busy and the 9 miles on… Read more

Warrior Dash 2011

Nourished Meadow – I have now officially completed my second Warrior Dash. Click here if you want to see last years experience. This year I was able to run with my younger sister, we had a great time! They changed the course around quite a bit over last year, and while I improved my time by almost 3… Read more

Mouse Invasion – Daily Vlog

Nourished Meadow – Still recovering from my first CrossFit class and barefoot shoe idiocy, but things are improving. I am drinking plenty of water, stretching, using a foam roller, and taking my supplements. In the meantime, we have noticed some new residents under and around our front porch. One of the cats actually spotted them first, at least… Read more

CrossFit Return – Daily Vlog

Nourished Meadow – After a 9 month hiatus I went back to my first CrossFit class. I am SO excited, I love crossfit. I made a huge mistake though. After running with barefoot shoes the day before and more at crossfit, my calves are TOAST. I know better, I am now hobbled for a few days while I… Read more

Rear in Gear – Daily Vlog

Nourished Meadow – The Warrior Dash is less then 3 weeks away, time to get serious about running and hitting the trails. On today’s hike/trail run we ran into a bunch of mule deer bucks in velvet. It had just rained, it was cool, and there was no one else around. Its hard to believe in the middle… Read more

Wedding & Crashers – Daily Vlog

Nourished Meadow – Drum roll… is my sisters wedding day video FINALLY (along with the day before and after to get caught up). I can finally get off the constant eating out and *cough* drinking train! We had a great time at the wedding, my lil sis is finally hitched! It was a blast watching all the grandparents… Read more

Oh Deer! – Daily Vlog

Nourished Meadow – Leading up to my sister’s wedding it was one function after another. I have gotten used to eating fairly limited at parties and gatherings, but all the same I rarely leave hungry. Like on this occasion I ate raw veggies, pulled pork and beef brisket (no bun) that was very good and filling. I also… Read more

Meatza & Ponderings – Daily Vlog

Nourished Meadow – (Yes, I have been perpetually behind on posting vlogs for the last couple of weeks. Good news, all the hubbub around here is over (trips, weddings, family, etc etc). Just a couple more posts and I will back on schedule!) In today’s vlog I spend some time considering my diet and issues for the last… Read more

8 Years Hitched! – Daily Vlog

Nourished Meadow – The husband and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. Seems crazy we have been together over 15 years in total, wow. We went to a local favorite restaurant in the area and indulged from start to finish. (direct link to video) Meals from the day: B – 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, mate L… Read more