Progress Report

Paleo-Lick-It – So it’s been about three weeks since I decided to curb my drinking, and it’s been going really well. I haven’t gone completely dry, I still drink wine, but I did manage an entire week without any booze at all, and I haven’t touched whiskey for close to a month. I can’t say I miss it at all. I feel pretty good. I can’t say my sleep has changed. When I was up at my parents’ house in NY, I stayed up really late painting and/or hanging with my friends almost every night, and my sleep cycle has remained as … Read more

Meat Heads

Paleo-Lick-It – I read a lot of paleo blogs, and I find them all really interesting. However, I’ve noticed two things 1) most people approach paleo from the fitness and athletics perspective and 2) most paleo bloggers are married, live in the burbs, and often have kids. I don’t know a lot of poor artists, metalheads, or long-haired hippies doing paleo, or at least none that are blogging about it. More importantly, I don’t know a lot of chefs who are openly paleo. I came to paleo after a few years of researching nutritio… Read more

Circle the Wagon

Paleo-Lick-It – [This picture is an embarrassing reminder of what I’m like at a party]On Independence Day, I went to the End of the World, the little grassy patch by the canal that separates the Bywater from the 9th Ward. I watched fireworks with a bunch of nice people and some new friends. Overall, it was a pleasant evening. The whole time, however, I was slowly sipping at my usual half-pint of Evan Williams, which I was mixing with water. I was also having some of the champagne that people were offering me. I wasn’t… Read more

Define Food

Paleo-Lick-It – One of the fundamental attitudes towards food that most people have is that it’s fuel. I remember the movie Barfly, based on the writings of Charles Bukowski, where Mickey Rourke (as Bukowski’s literary persona, Henry Chinaski) is rampaging through his run-down tenement building looking for a ham sandwich as he shouts, “I need fuel!” Well, that sickly, hungover, pot-bellied vision of humanity is apt, especially when people think of food as equivalent to gasoline.But food is not fuel. Food is nourishment…. Read more

Not So Simple

Paleo-Lick-It – I hear a lot of paleo people saying that it’s really quite simple to eat paleo, you just eat what’s natural. I want to agree, and I’ve found it pretty intuitive to decide that meat, fat from animals, and vegetables are the things we were evolved to primarily eat, it’s really not that simple for others, especially when they’re getting over fat-phobia and the inability to cook.Most people in America, even paleos, are only just barely starting to learn what real food is and learning how to cook it at the same…

Glutenous Maximus

Paleo-Lick-It – So, I won’t go into the science of why gluten is bad for people especially those who are sensitive to it, but let me just reiterate that gluten can cause some serious health problems in people. This isn’t just some new age, hippie, mumbo jumbo. This is medical fact, and even doctors will tell you so, even if they haven’t yet understood that gluten-free diets can be beneficial for many people, even those who don’t have celiac or allergies to it.That said, I’d now like to address those of you who are serio…


Paleo-Lick-It – Sometimes I just feel like giving up. It’s exhausting trying to defend the way I eat and explain myself to people who are completely ignorant of food. A lot of people come to me with earnest questions, but it seems some things that I am saying, such as t…

Self-reliance through swimming-pool re-purposing

Paleo-Lick-It – …Really!, container gardens, tilapia ponds, complete with mulching of waste, water reclamation, and bio-filtration.Photos and a short video tour–more detail on the specifics of the interlocking biosystems would be nice, but achieving self-sufficiency for a family of 4 from the produce of a retro-fitted swimming pool is impressive, indeed….

Tribe of One

Paleo-Lick-It – I’m pretty sick of cooking meals for myself. Today I made an amazing breakfast of ground pork seasoned with garlic, ginger, white pepper, and gluten-free tamari, sauteed with shitake mushrooms and yellow squash. I dribbled a few drops of sesame oil on it…