Quickie Update

Paleo on a Budget – First of all….yes, I am still alive. 

Secondly, 2011 can kiss my ass. 

This year has been going downhill ever since I broke my leg in August.  I’m barely keeping my head above water these days.  When I’m not trying to drum up work (which has hit the usual holiday lulls), I am either writing or playing World of Warcraft.  (Hey!  Don’t laugh!  Some people drink when they’re stressed, some… Read more

Rearranging the Fridge

Paleo on a Budget – My fridge is having issues this month.  It’s still snowing in the freezer and the bottom refrigerated section is ….well, let’s just say that it’s having some mold issues.  I’ve been trying to ignore it for the last couple of weeks or so – I just haven’t had the energy to tackle emptying the fridge and bleaching everything.  (Hey, you break your ankle and see what you let go, okay?)

But today,… Read more

My Kids’ “Not Quite Paleo” Diet

Paleo on a Budget – I, “Gimp-Along Annie”, have three different appointments to get to this morning, including a fun trip to physical therapy – ugh.  (Can you tell I’m thrilled?)  So, I crawled out of bed at 5:30 AM so I would have a few minutes of peace and quiet to check my email, drink some tea…and make a lot of food before the kids got up.

See, I have these nice friends who have offered to babysit for me on… Read more

Lifehaker Article – Slice Your Own Steak

Paleo on a Budget – Just a quick stop before my Monday takes off to pass along this link to y’all –

Slice Your Own Steak @ LifeHacker.  

Years ago, pre-divorce, we used to do this – buy a “chunk of beef”, bring it home, cut it down into cuts that we could use, wrap and store in the freezer for later yumminess.  I don’t (or really can’t) do this anymore – those chunks of beef just cost too much for my budget and I… Read more

Freezer Cleaning Time!

Paleo on a Budget – Once a year, I get tired of the state of the freezer and decide to enact a moratorium on freezer items and make it a goal to eat through what’s in there before I buy anything else to go into there. 

We are having one of those moment right now.  I enacted this moratorium two weeks ago after the chicken avalanched and tried to take the stack of ground beef with it.  I just took a big step back and… Read more

What is Paleo? It’s All in Your Prospective!

Paleo on a Budget – Someone recently commented on this blog that I’m not following a true “Paleo” diet since I periodically eat potatoes, only buy commercially-produced fruit, veggies, and beef, and do not partake in coconut oil.  And let’s not get into the “you’re poisoning your children” because my kids do not follow a 100% Paleo Diet.

I deleted the comment but her words have stuck in my head for the last week…. Read more

Tonight’s Dinner – Broccoli Soup

Paleo on a Budget – I spent my Saturday cleaning and restocking the fridge.  It was pretty easy – the old baby was getting pretty empty thanks to a week and a half of no rides to the grocery store.  (I can’t wait until I’m driving again…)

Sunday was a cool day here in the San Jose Valley – cloudy and cold – but after spending the day before running (okay, hobbling) around Costco, Trader Joe’s, and the Asian… Read more

Sweet Freedom!!! (and Tonight’s Dinner)

Paleo on a Budget – I’m FREE!!!  Finally!  

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I tap danced my way out of the doctor’s office.  My ankle and leg are very stiff and yesterday, it was so swollen, my moms were comparing my toes to “little pink sausages”.  (Yeah, real funny, people…real funny!) 

This morning, my leg was still swollen but not as bad as yesterday and as the day goes by, the swelling continues to… Read more

Tongiht’s Dinner – Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink Chicken Soup

Paleo on a Budget – My mom woke Saturday morning with a nasty toothache.  After hemming and hawing about it for a couple hours, I called a friend and asked her to take my mom to the Urgent Care at the hospital.  They returned a couple hours later with antibiotics and instructions to see her dentist in two weeks.  Ever since then, Mom’s been feeling under the weather.  Pain and infection will do that to you, right?… Read more

Green Tomato Bonanza!

Paleo on a Budget – Source

A friend came by my place this morning with a plastic grocery bag
full green tomatoes, straight from her garden.  Being one who can’t
stand wasting food, I spent the rest of the day washing, sorting, and
processing tomatoes.

The larger, more ripe specimens (ones that were the hue of the one in the pic) were placed in my front window to finish ripening.
The small dark green ones were… Read more