Playing with Intervals

She Runs Paleo – I think I found my “sweet spot” as far as intervals go.  Today I ran 1:45 mins, walked 1:00 min.  And it cut 2 mins off my overall pace.  It’s within “finishing” pace for my first marathon. Early this year I decided that I would run my first marathon.  The half marathon distance had become “comfortable”.  A few runner buddies decided to run the Rock N Roll San Diego Full.  It was time to face up to the challenge of 26.2 miles.I’ve always used the Jeff Galloway Run/Walk/Run meth… Read more

You’re not running the race? Go to the Expo anyway!

She Runs Paleo
She Runs Paleo – I’m a Race Expo Addict.  A large hall filled with vendors hawking shoes, gear, gu and glide is my favorite place to be.  Add to it the buzzing excitement of all the runners who are getting ready for the BIG race.  Picking up a bib and a race shirt is fun, but that anxiety of the next day’s race can take away from experiencing an expo.  Should I be walking this much?  Am I going to dehydrate in this super air-conditioned room?  Is it okay to take all these supplement samples?? &… Read more

I run 7+ miles and win a contest! I love running!

She Runs Paleo
She Runs Paleo – Some runners win races.  A friend of mine, Abigail, is known to regularly place in her age group.  I will probably NEVER see the podium under my own New Balances.  However, I DO know how to find FREE races, and that’s almost as good.  I came back from my 7+ miler this morning to an email from my amazing hubby that said that I had won the ZOOMA Race + Relax contest on their facebook page. Such great news after a great run!!  I’ll update more about this contest win once the Community … Read more

Inspiration from my CSA box

She Runs Paleo
She Runs Paleo – While I was at the post-race expo for the Girls on the Go Half Marathon at Mission Bay, San Diego I visited the booth for Farm Fresh To You, a locally based CSA. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of a CSA or Community Supported Agriculture, Local Harvest’s website has a good explanation:Here are the basics: a farmer offers a certain number of “shares” to the public. Typically the share consists of a box of vegetables, but other farm products may be included. Interested consumers purchase a share… Read more

Week 1 Update – Success!

She Runs Paleo
She Runs Paleo – As you can see from the pic I’ve had more success than I sought after this week.  My original weight loss goal for each week is 1.5 pounds.  That would get me to my racing weight in the 9 weeks that I had until the America’s Finest City Half Marathon.  I’m working on the theory that my racing times have been directly affected by the extra weight I’m carrying around.

This week was both harder and easier than I thought it would be, as every time that you get back on the wagon is.  I alre… Read more

Running bored: how to put that spring back into your running gait

She Runs Paleo – As runners you’ll eventually come to the point where running is a habit.  You no longer have to give yourself a pep talk to get out of the door and into your shoes.  But there’s something else that can inhibit your progress in training: BOREDOM.  I live in a very hilly neighborhood, which is a challenge and good for training.  But every once in a while I find myself dreading my run.  Runners love to run but we also love to run in fun places.  That’s why races like the RockNRoll… Read more

Ribs and coleslaw: Paleo Summer

She Runs Paleo
She Runs Paleo – It’s been HOT in San Diego this week and pork has been on sale!  So that means ribs and coleslaw has been on the menu!  I grabbed both recipes from  but the ribs originated at the Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations Site.

Recipe Links

Paleo Coleslaw    ~~   Beasty BBQ Ribs… Read more

Race Review: San Diego Half Marathon – March 10, 2013

She Runs Paleo – Can you be so distracted by having fun during a race that your forget to PR? Well, it happened to me. I ran the SD Half last year (2012) and before I even crossed the finish line I knew I’d run it this year (2013). I love San Diego and I love how this race showcases the city. The course is mostly flat (small rolling hills throughout until you get to the dreaded Washington Street Hill) and beautiful. The course points you in the direction of some of the most beautiful sights in San Diego. The course aid is… Read more

My thoughts after the 2013 LA 13.1 Marathon

She Runs Paleo – The review for my race this weekend follows, but first you have to bear with me as there are a few things I’d like to share.

I’ve been running since 2008, and in the last 5 years I’ve found that theres at least one unshakable truth about running:  It will always surprise you.  Each route is never the same twice, each race is never the same experience, and you will always have farther and faster to go.
Running the LA 13.1 was a first for me because it was the first time I’d run a race a second t… Read more

150 Days Paleo + Football carnitas

She Runs Paleo
She Runs Paleo – Today is my 150th days since I committed to a new way of eating.  I did it to combat a slowly increasing weight gain despite training for and running 5 half marathons in a year.  I did it to be a better runner.  I wanted to be stronger, faster and experience more rapid recovery.  Amazingly, Paleo has done all those incredible things.  150 days ago I held SUCH doubt that cutting out whole food groups was even good for you.  I was willing to join a friend on a journey, test it fo… Read more