She Runs Paleo
She Runs Paleo – The only thing I have more passion for than Cooking, well is Running. But I have a third passion and that’s reading. And if it’s writing about cooking or running then I’m over the moon. Right now I’m reading Best Food Writing 2012 Edited by Holly Hughes.

Food writers have it rough. They have to sum up the sensory experience of cooking and eating foods in words. How many of us can say that we can do that and still convey the way that food has affected us?

One piece of writing affected me quite a bit, an… Read more

How can I say NO?

She Runs Paleo – I’m a mother of two, which means most of my daily actions involve fulfilling the needs of those who I have created.  One of my children is extremely picky due to food sensitivities of autism.  As a foodie and someone who loves to cook, that’s difficult for me to deal with at times.  Life blessed me with a second child who loves food just as much as I do and often has cravings.  HOW CAN I SAY NO when the fruit of my loins asks for a Manwich?  If she’s asking for it, that me… Read more

A look back at 2012

She Runs Paleo
She Runs Paleo – My blog is only 4 months old, but all the cool kids are doing recaps of 2012. 2012 was a year of big things for me as a runner. It’s the year that I really proved to myself and the world that “yes, a chubby girl can do great things”. I really focused on educating myself about running and nutrition. I set lofty goals and did really adventurous things. I wanted to reach out to other runners and I wanted to inspire non-runners.

I wanted to run 3 half marathons in 2013. I ran five. I wanted to make runni… Read more


She Runs Paleo – Anyone else have a fridge FULL of leftovers?  I made BOTH a turkey and a ham for Christmas Dinner and now I’m paying for it with a fridge too full of food to justify eating out.  Luckily the internet is full of great ideas for leftovers, and a lot of them come from the paleo community.

I always serve Turkey Soup the day after I make a roasted bird.  It’s something that most of my family loves and its easy to make, although takes all day because I make my own stock from the carcass, neck and… Read more

Santa Came To Town

She Runs Paleo
She Runs Paleo – All the prep and good behavior worked and the Jolly ‘ole elf visited us last night. He apparently loved the paleo cake pops we left for him, although his reindeers made a glittery mess outside.

Kris Kringle was very good to the paleo Mommy, bringing me a Kitchenaid Mixer in Onyx Black, a book of Paleo Desserts and Chuao Chocolate (a San Diego local chocolatier and a sponsor of the SD Half Marathon)

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, filled with time with your loved ones and full bellies…. Read more

Christmas Eve Feast

She Runs Paleo
She Runs Paleo – My Christmas Eve feast took 2 days to prep and 20 minutes to eat. But having a special meal that was homemade and paleo was worth it. Not to mention all the yummy leftovers I get to eat for the next few days. This paleo mommy also achieved a small victory. My 11 year old son, diagnosed with autism, consented to trying his first bite of turkey EVER. And he LIKED it!!! Small steps towards big goals…. Read more

Girls on the Go Races

She Runs Paleo – One thing I have neglected to mention on my blog is the fact that I’m a Girls On The Go Race Series Ambassador.  A race series created by Debbie Adelman and Rosemarie Gibson, these races are “every girl’s chance to commune with mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmas and friends in a run, walk, jog or samba to the finish line.  This is not just any race. This is a celebration of women of all ages and fitness levels. The finish line includes a Girlicious medal, stylish T-shirt, festival, and so muc… Read more

Twofers, marathons, and Wheat Thins

She Runs Paleo – The Hubby and I are both runners.  He prefers the mud covered intensity of Obstacle Course Races (OCRs) like Tough Mudder, while I’m a dedicated Road Racer.  With two racers in the family though, we have have to have a MASTER calendar of all the events we’re signed up for.  “Check the Calendar” is an often heard phrase in our house, and it’s an instruction to go check the desk size calendar that’s attached to our brag wall.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I’m running TWO race… Read more

Running, maple syrup and brownies

She Runs Paleo – As the end of the year draws near, I’m feeling the pressure to reach my milage goal of 600 miles in 2012.  I set that goal in January, feeling that it was a lofty goal and unlikely to be reached.  Color me surprised when I looked at my totals and found that I only had 21 more miles to go!  With 2 weeks left in the year, I definitely think I’m going to make it.  I’ve run about 1/3 of this year on the Paleo diet.  I definitely feel that my recovery is faster, which is ideal … Read more

Restaurant Review: The Linkery, North Park, San Diego, CA

She Runs Paleo
She Runs Paleo – For our 12th anniversary, the husband booked us a table at The Linkery, a hip urban eating establishment in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego.  There are three outstanding features of the restaurant.

They are Farm to Table, using only locally sourced ingredients.  It makes eating paleo pretty easy when you know exactly where the pork is coming from.  
They have a NO TIP policy.  There’s an 18% service charge added to EVERY check.  You can read about their policy … Read more