Whole Wheat Banana Bread

The Healthy Housewife – Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember being obsessed with “quick breads”. At Christmas time, my mom and I would bake zuchinni bread, pumpkin bread, cranberry bread and banana bread. My aunt also brought over carrot cake loaves quite frequently, which I single-handedly demolished too often. What is a quick bread? Technically,… Read more


The Healthy Housewife – As it turns out, I’ve been so busy that I completely missed my blog 1 year anniversary…back in July Ooops right? Busy much? I really can’t believe this blog of mine has been up for a whole year!..and a few months now! So in honor of The Healthy Housewife’s one year anniversary..I’m re-vamping an original… Read more

Sweet & Spicy Slow Cooker Chicken

The Healthy Housewife – Even though I love to cook, I can’t resist a good slow cooker recipe. Originally, the husband forbid me from ever cooking with a crockpot. Growing up, as I’m told, his mother only cooked from the crockpot and managed to somehow build an intense hatred in him for anything slow-cooked. For this reason, I didn’t… Read more

Brown-rice Rice Krispie Treats

The Healthy Housewife – When I was young, one of my favorite not-so-good for you packaged snacks was the Rice Krispie treat. But with my mom being a health nut, my after school snacks were usually more like carrots, fruit or a cheesestick. At the young age of about 10, this led me to believe I was being deprived… Read more

Lightened-up Chicken Parmesan

The Healthy Housewife – One of my favorite things to do with recipes is to re-vamp them, cut calories, and make them healthier, lighter and “cleaner”. When I see a recipe to try, my first thought is what ingredients can I swap out, switch up, or change to make it more Healthy Housewife-esque.. One of our favorite italian dishes… Read more

Paleo Cookies

The Healthy Housewife – Between 8 new clients, end of the month paperwork, and throwing a bridal shower at Cassis American Brasserie- I have a crazy week ahead! Doesn’t sound like the wife of a housewife very much does it? So here is just a quick post on some yummy paleo cookies I made last week. Remember my post… Read more

Boursin Stuffed Chicken

The Healthy Housewife – While living in Washington, a sweet friend made me an amazing birthday dinner. What made it amazing? Boursin Cheese. She made a scrumptious Baked Chicken with Boursin Cheese. Since that dinner, I’ve discovered Boursin Cheese in or on anything is absolute heaven. So a few days ago, I decided to replicate the recipe at home,… Read more

Caprese Salad

The Healthy Housewife – Several weeks ago, I started growing fresh basil. While its my dream to have an herb garden, I have an amazing skill of killing all and any plants that have been in my possession. For that reason, I tried not to get my hopes up in the basil department. But, to my surprise, were 7… Read more

Project Wedding Cake.

The Healthy Housewife – Remember that project I mentioned last week? Well here it is. I made a wedding cake. Midway through the multiple trips to Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Rollin Oats last week, I found myself wondering what I had gotten myself into? Why did I make a wedding cake you ask? Well, several months ago, when… Read more


The Healthy Housewife – Although I pride myself on turning normally indulgent recipes into healthier, lighter ones, there are some desserts that just wouldn’t be the same. Take these key lime tarts for example. I mean, 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk?? Decadence that cannot be replicated. I’ve been making these tarts for special occasions for a few years… Read more