The Healthy Housewife – As I’ve mentioned many times before, Mexican food is one of my absolute favorites. Although it gets a bad rap for heavy, fat laden dishes, there are actually quite a few fresh and flavorful dishes you can opt for that won’t cause you to easily down 1,200 calories. One of my favorite side dishes besides… Read more

Its hot.

The Healthy Housewife – Its hot outside. I don’t know if I somehow just forget each year how hot Florida is capable of getting, or what, but somehow I am surprised EVERY summer how hot it gets!…and its only June. When its this hot outside, its important to stay hydrated. Unfortunately in the past, although I mostly drink water,… Read more

Healthy Kids

The Healthy Housewife – I’ve recently become obsessed with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. The show encourages people to really know and examine where their food comes from. My favorite part of Jamie Oliver’s mission, is that he goes into schools and educates parents and children on the food the school system serves. Personally working within the school system, I… Read more

Spinach, Walnut and Gorgonzola Pizza

The Healthy Housewife – Have you seen the show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on Food Network? Its one of my guilty pleasures, as I sit on the couch and drool over the decadence described by celebrity chefs. The show highlights a certain topic such as dessert, chocolate, or sandwich and chefs discuss the best thing they have… Read more

Chicken, Goat Cheese & Corn Quesadillas

The Healthy Housewife – I love me some goat cheese. Seriously, goat cheese on anything is heaven to me. In a salad with pears and pecans, topping on pancetta crisps, or even in a cheesecake? Don’t get me started. So when I saw a recipe for chicken and goat cheese quesadillas, I knew I had to re-vamp it, and…

Jamba Juice Withdrawals

The Healthy Housewife – Want to know a secret? Ok its not really a secret, but the husband and I dream about starting a smoothie shop.Call us dorky, nerdy, or foodie, but we do. In our opinion, they are never in convenient locations, like on your way to the beach. My husband and I used to get Jamba Juice…


The Healthy Housewife – I’m on an egg kick. Maybe its because I’m trying to “lean out” for an upcoming wedding I’m in next week, or maybe its because they’re quick, simple, full of protein and easy! In my opinion, eggs work pretty well for dinner. The husband on the other hand, seems to think they aren’t satisfying for…

Indulgence made over

The Healthy Housewife – I’m not one or ordering appetizers very often. I must admit though, whenever I’m at a restaurant and fried zucchini is on the menu. I am compelled to order it. Somehow this unnatural force comes over me saying..”must have fried, grease-laden zucchini.” I mean, its a fried vegetable, healthy right?? And let me tell you,…

7 Must-do or Make Ideas for Cinco de Mayo

The Healthy Housewife – With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, all I can think about is tacos, chips, queso, guacamole and margaritas! My intense love for Mexican food had me considering my plans for this holiday weeks and weeks ago. During my obsessive thoughts and considerations of what the husband and I should do this year, I…

No Bake Peanut Butter Cups

The Healthy Housewife – Hi there…remember me? I used to be a food blogger and a cook. What’s happened?? Work! I love, love, love, my job right now, but as for free time? I’ve got none! In the midst of my current job situation, I haven’t given up cooking altogether (having meals planned is the only way to keep…