What’s for Dinner: Wild Boar Borscht

The Silk Road of Wine – Perfect for a chilly autumn evening, this stew from “American Game Cooking” calls for wild boar but you could easily substitute stew meat from buffalo, venison, elk, etc. There are too many ingredients to list, but the beets, fennel seed,…… Read more

What’s for Dinner: Beet Green Soup

The Silk Road of Wine – Beet greens are tasty and nutritious but quite fragile, so you should try to cook them within a day or two of purchasing your bunched beets. This recipe is a rustic one from “Molto Italiano” by Mario Batali. Warning -…… Read more

What’s for Dinner: Goat Loin Chops Pan-Roasted in White Wine

The Silk Road of Wine – Looking for something quick and tasty, I based this on a recipe for lamb chops, Marches style, from Marcella Hazan’s seminal cookbook “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking”. Brown a very thinly-sliced onion with pancetta and olive oil (or bacon grease,…… Read more

How Whole Foods “Primes” You To Shop | Fast Company

The Silk Road of Wine – Derren Brown, a British illusionist famous for his mind-reading act, set out to prove just how susceptible we are to the many thousands of signals we’re exposed to each day. He approached two creatives from the advertising agency Saatchi &…… Read more

What’s for Dinner: Saucisse de Sanglier (Wild Boar Sausage) and Peppers

The Silk Road of Wine – Here’s a dinner that is on the table in 15 minutes when you come home famished from the gym. Heat up a skillet, dice a couple sweet red peppers and one yellow onion, and brown them together with a bit…… Read more

What’s for Dinner: Madras Coconut Cream Beef Curry

The Silk Road of Wine – A simple yet very tasty recipe from “Good Meat” by Deborah Krasner. Though she calls for stew beef, I had a big grassfed chuck roast on hand so I cut it up into cubes for this dish. Brown a chopped…… Read more

What’s for Dinner: Wagyu Burgers and Chateau Latour

The Silk Road of Wine – You’d think we were living the high life with this meal. Using the awesomeness that is Gilt Taste, we feasted on Flannery Beef wagyu custom blend burgers – equal parts chuck, cross rib, flatiron and shortloin tail – with all…… Read more

What’s for Dinner: Garlic-rubbed Buffalo Tri-tip

The Silk Road of Wine – Easiest. Recipe. Ever. Chop a whole head of garlic, mash it in a mortar and pestle with a lot of kosher salt to form a thick paste and then rub it all over a tri-tip roast (beef or buffalo). Wrap…… Read more

What’s for Dinner: Grilled Lamb Skewers with Yogurt-mint Dipping Sauce

The Silk Road of Wine – This recipe comes straight from the excellent Mark’s Daily Apple site (written by Mark Sisson of Primal Blueprint fame). It is easy and delicious – before you go to work in the morning, marinate cubed lamb for 8 hours in…… Read more

What’s for Dinner: Roasted Rabbit with White Wine and Olives

The Silk Road of Wine – Another batch of game meat from D’Artagnan, and a recipe from the excellent cookbook and educational tome, “Good Meat” by Deborah Krasner. She sums up the homey nature of this dish in her description: “An example of Italian home cooking…… Read more