5 Star homemade Larabar!

Urban Cave Girl – I’ve bought a total of 5 Larabars in my entire lifetime.  It wasn’t until recently, in like the last 3 weeks or so that we decided to give them a try.  Mainly it was an on the go snack alternative that was good and easy.
The only downside was the price tag.  However not extremely spendy…still a 1.29 more than I wanted to spend.  I know, call me cheap.  But I don’t work remember.

So after reading the ingredients on the back, like 5 times, cause there was no way that’s ALL that is … Read more

Yum that looks tasty!

Urban Cave Girl – I think by now everyone and their momma has read the bullshit article detailing the best and worst diets  out there.  I found it especially interesting how high Weight Watchers ranked considering it sells and advocates eating crap food.  I did some digging today on some of their spectacular products you can eat on the “program” and my mind was boggled.

How appetizing does this look to you?

Weight Watchers Chocolate Creme Snack CakesIngredientsSugar, Whole Eggs, Enriched Wheat Flo… Read more

Last night’s Chicken Curry – Success!

Urban Cave Girl – We’ve been trying to clean out the freezer and the fridge for that matter in anticipation of our next big meat haul this weekend.  Beer (ok that was supposed to say BEEF but obviously a Freudian slip…lol) and lamb this time.  Super excited about that!! (super excited about some beer right now too…go figure)
My gym will now host a chest freezer because the room in the other isn’t enough.  It has been learned through past meat buys that it’s better to go bigger (I find this true with boobs … Read more

June 4? Really?

Urban Cave Girl – Seems we are in Junuary right now.  Down right frigging COLD, rainy, windy and just plain bleh!!Strangely enough…I kinda like it.Have found myself in jammies most of the day.  Cleaning, cooking, and lounging.Threw together some primal chili this morning and then let it simmer for quite some time. We’ll call it:Sans Kitchen Sink Chili (because I basically cleaned out the kitch and threw in everything but the sink)1lb of sausage1lb of hamburger1 onion diced upshit load of a garlic1/2 can of chipot… Read more

New Eats in the kitchen….what a treat!

Urban Cave Girl – Can’t remember the last time I posted a recipe review and now here I sit with 3!!The kitchen has been updated enough that we were able to move back into it, for the most part.  The fridge went back in on Saturday and consequently I completely tore out my back helping the move.  OUCH!!  At my desk right now typing this post is the first time I’ve been able to sit down in DAYS without excruciating pain.  The dr gave me several medications, of course, and wants me to start therapy next week…

What I’ve been up to

Urban Cave Girl – In a nutshell I’ve been up to my ass in our kitchen remodel.  It’s been painstakingly way more EXPENSIVE and time consuming than we ever imagined!Is it done?  NOThings have progressed though…..I have a floor, and a few cabinets.  My washer and dryer are back in their nice little cubby and my stove albeit not in the proper place, is hooked up and useable, THANK GOD!  Not being able to cook has put a major crick in our physiques.  We have a few cabinets up and we scored a fabulous t…

Dinner got a thumbs up

Urban Cave Girl – Just a quick post about a really great meal we had last night.Mashed Cauliflower -Cut up and steamed a heat of cauliflower until it was soft.Put it and a few tbsp of butter in my food processor and let it go.Faux mashed potatoes.  I like them even better cause I hate potatoes.Chicken Breasts -Mix .5 cup of brown mustard with 2tbsp of organic raw honey.Dredge chicken breasts in the mustard/honey mixture and then coatwith chopped up nuts.  I used almonds and macadamia nuts.Place the chicken breasts …

My Primal/Paleo Pantry

Urban Cave Girl – It’s not rocket science. I made a video…ok it bled into two videos…about some of the things we keep on hand to make living a healthy primal lifestyle that much easier.  I just want to say that it’s doesn’t have to be hard.You don’t have to burden yourself with all the details.Do what you can, with what you have, RIGHT NOW!!!!Part Two…

Husband’s Bday Cake

Urban Cave Girl – Yesterday was my fabulous husband’s birthday! Seeing how he loves PB I decided to come up with a cheesecake I could make it.It was completely on the fly and I didn’t follow a recipe. But I’ll share because it came out REALLY good! (P.S I know Peanuts aren’t Paleo/Primal)I’m actually just going to paste in here an email I sent to a few friends who wanted the recipe.  So much easier than retyping and I’m kinda lazy like that.I got a bag of mixed nuts from trader joes. Roasted unsalted. It had no peanuts …

Pee test results….

Urban Cave Girl – Sorry, nothing good and kinky like an STD, or worse even a pregnancy test!  It’s just some nasty ketones.I’ve been following my fat fast for four days now, feel fantastic and I totally think part of that is related to the no caffeine, and I’d like to say I’m about “back to normal”  whatever that might be.  Last nights pee test showed me to be a in decent state of ketosis.  People – The Sugar has left the building!!I’m unsure if it is moderate ketosis or large…..I made my older daughter…